One of the most important topics when using Odoo is the functional export of the accounting records into a DATEV-capable Program 
(DATEV, Addison, etc.). 

Ecoservice has been offering the export and import of accounting records for many years.

Please select the version you need below. The interface is set up at short notice.


  • Accounting records from DATEV to Odoo
  • DATEV-compliant import formats
  • Observance of the accounting keys and automatic accounts
  • User manual included


  • Accounting records from Odoo to DATEV
  • occupancy data from Odoo to DATEV
  • Configuration of the gross/net method
  • Free assignment of fields in the export
    (e.g. cost field 1 and 2)
  • Validations to check the accounting records
  • Definition of automatic accounts in the account
  • Assignment of booking keys in the tax account
  • DATEV-compliant export formats
    (csv, xml)
  • User manual included

Master data

  • Export master data from Odoo to DATEV
  • DATEV-compliant export formats
  • User manual included

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