Odoo ERP Introduction


Complete implementation of Odoo 15 Enterprise in your company.

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    Odoo 15 Enterprise Introduction

    Complete introduction of Odoo up to live operation

    Have you ever asked yourself whether it is possible to implement an ERP solution in your company for 5,000 EUR?
    ERP consultants would now answer: "Impossible".

    Ecoservice has set itself the goal of completing the implementation of Odoo 15 Enterprise cost-effectively and quickly.
    How do we do that? Quite simply, with standardisation of the processes.

    Our offer includes the following:

    1. Installing the Odoo Server

    We install the system on a server of your choice. You only have to give us the access data to the system. After that, we get started. At the end of this phase, Odoo 15 Enterprise Server is running on an Ubuntu operating system.

    2. Basic configuration of the client

    You will receive a tutorial on how to create the client in Odoo. At the end of this phase, the necessary apps are installed, the company created and the users set up.

    3. Installation of the "German documents" app

    We install the app for you. Afterwards, the documents (customer quotation, sales order confirmation, delivery data request, supplier order, invoice, credit note, delivery note) are available to you in a reasonable layout..

    4. Tutorials

    In this phase, we provide you with knowledge about the installed apps in Odoo. You can run through the functions in the test system and train your staff. We are aware that this phase brings many challenges for you. Don't worry, if you still have questions and don't get any further, our support offer is available to you as a supplement. It is important to us that you have carried out the configuration and know how Odoo works. Only then will you be able to use the system optimally in your company.You will receive from us:Tutorial: Sales Tutorial: Purchasing Tutorial: Warehouse   Tutorial: Personnel   Tutorial: Production   Tutorial: Project Management   Tutorial: Financial Accounting   Tutorial: Setting rights and groups correctly​

    5. Datev-Interface

    Now that you know how financial accounting works in Odoo, you can also take advantage of the system. By installing the Datev interface you minimise your accounting costs. There are some companies that have amortised the cost of introducing the system within 2 to 3 years through reduced accounting costs.​

    6. Odoo Enterprise Contract

    At this point you should sign the Enterprise contract with Odoo now. Our offer is only for the Enterprise solution. We have the opinion that the full performance of the system is only given with the Enterprise solution..​

    7. Live-switching

    After an extensive test phase, you can go live. Congratulations, you have successfully launched Odoo 15.

    There are certainly some readers who will now ask, what about my data from the old system?
    How can I create missing fields? 
    Do we still have a special feature?

    Yes, of course we can do this too. However, not within the framework of a standardised Odoo introduction. 
    Here you always have the option of using our Odoo support offer. 
    But keep in mind that the more you adapt, the more effort is required to migrate the database for newer versions

    See for yourself.
    Book our offer now and your live switching can take place within a month.

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